Young Nurse Adopts Abused Baby Only To Hear Caseworker Drop Bombshell About Infant’s Twin

In order to go from Delilah’s nurse to Delilah’s new mom, Jess set up a meeting with the caseworkers at the Florida Department of Children and Families. But while sitting down with the staff and filling out the adoption paperwork, Jess learned some new information about Delilah that stunned her to the core and changed everything.

As it turned out, Delilah had a twin sister – and that twin sister was in desperate need of saving. This all happened about two years ago, and quite a lot has taken place in Jess’ home ever since.

This woman deserves all the recognition she is getting online and throughout her community. She is truly an inspiration!

Learn about the heartbreaking story of two abused and mistreated baby girls and the wonderful woman who rescued them, who they now call mom, in the video below.

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