Woman’s Out Shopping When She Notices Late Mom’s Face In Store Window Making Her Heart Jump

It’s been a few years since Jane Foster’s beloved mother passed away, leaving behind only photographs and beautiful memories to remember her by. There was one particular photo series of her mother that Jane admired deeply, but it had gone missing.

The black and white photos were of her mother on her wedding day, kept safely in a gold colored antique frame. But the photos and other memorabilia had been housed in a storage unit that auctioned off their belongings after Jane had missed just one monthly payment.

She tried in vain to track down her mother’s photos and other precious items, making as many as 50 phone calls. No luck. But as Jane was shopping in downtown Grand Junction, Colorado, she happened to glance at the window display of an antique shop and spied a familiar face.

A second glance confirmed that it was her mother’s vintage wedding photos! Perched on a white wooden chair were the very pictures that she’d been trying desperately to find!

Jane rushed inside to speak with the store owner and grasp tightly ahold of those photos she’d been searching for all this time. Crazily enough, the owner of Robin’s Nest Antiques clearly remembered purchasing the wedding photo series at an auction.

But he also snatched up something else of Jane’s from that auction that left her dumbfounded… Watch the video below to see more on this incredible story!

Source: YouTube

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