School Officer’s Giving Student A Hard Time. Moments Later, His Actions Have Crowd In Uproar

School resource officers are responsible for keeping the peace and ensuring student safety. They patrol school property, keep an eye out for illegal activity and try hard to build a solid rapport with the students. But not all students are interested in having a good relationship with the local cop. In fact, some rowdy kids will even protest when the school resource officer comes around.

During a home football game at Appleton East High School in Wisconsin, the students were dressed up to match the white-out theme and were running high on adrenaline. They were so excited for the big game that when their school resource officer Jack Taschner stealthily approached the stands where they were seated, some of those kids were less than thrilled. The rest were respectful, as we would hope, but they didn’t know what he was up to. They were just having some innocent fun cheering for their team.

One male student was standing up in front of the study body, leading their crazy chants and cheers. But Officer Taschner was keeping an eye on the kids, since it was the big crosstown rivalry game against Appleton North. He walked up the steps and directly over to a teen wearing a backwards visor. Some of the kids taunted the officer as he approached the male student by mimicking a cop car siren sound, then the officer ordered him to sit down. The kids in the student section couldn’t believe what they were seeing! Then, the officer did something so outlandish that the fans and others attending the game could not believe what they were seeing! Check out the officer’s crazy antics in the stands in the video below. It’s nuts what he did!

Source: YouTube

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