Rescued Elephant interrupts caretaker to request unexptected lullaby for baby calf

Faa Mai stared expectantly at her caretaker, waiting for her to start singing.

As soon as she saw the baby elephant, Lek understood why she had been whisked away.

Lek explained in her post that Faa Mai loves to be lullabied, and wanted to share that joy with Thong Ae.

Faa Mai wanted me to lullaby her little friend, as she is so fond when I sing a lullaby to her.

Such emotional connections have been found to be not only very common but also extraordinarily strong between elephants.

This is especially true for adult females and baby elephants.

When a calf elephant is born many female elephants in the herd will shower it with affection and adoration.

One of the most amazing attributes of elephants is their ability to show love, and lots of it!

In addition to affecting their emotions, music also has physical effects on elephants. One that Faa Mai wanted Thonge Ae to experience.

As Lek serenaded Thong Ae with her lullaby, the gentle giant started cozying up to Faa Mai. Lek explains Faa Mai’s sense of guardianship over the baby elephant as maternal instinct,

She wants to adopt [her] as her own

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