Mom Gets Recorded On Jumbotron When Son Notices Her Sexy Dance Moves & Doesn’t Hesitate To React

Some teens grow up with parents that get a kick out of embarrassing them every once in a while. And although they’re mortified at the moment, they grow up appreciating those moments when they look back on those moments as adults.

Maybe it has something to do with understanding that their parents are really just big kids at heart too. So when one teen went to a San Diego Padres game with his family he didn’t anticipate being put in the hot seat in front of everyone at the game!

Unlucky for one teen at the game, the cameraman decided to point his camera in his family’s direction – only it didn’t go the way the teen boy planned.

Excited, mom jumped up and began to dance along to the music. She didn’t care who was watching, she was clearly there to have a good time and her age was not about to stop her!

As mom shakes her hipsf rom side to side the look on her teen sons face is absolutely priceless! The teen is mortified watching his mom shaking and dancing away with no care in the world.

Clearly embarrassed he covers his face when he realizes they’re on camera. To make matters worse the footage is streamed up on the jumbotron and it quickly went viral. Mom realizes how embarrassed her son is and just continues to dance and laugh away.

That’s when dad starts grooving along to the beat as well and it quickly becomes a family affair. This family clearly loves to have fun and they don’t care whose watching. Watch the hilarious sight for yourself in the video below. Way to go mom and dad!

Source: YouTube

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