Mom Abuses Foster Daughter At Diner While Favoring Her ‘Real’ Son Until A Customer Has Had Enough

There are about half a million children currently living in the foster care system. More than 18,000 foster kids live in Arizona, a state with one of the highest numbers of foster kids in the country. Most foster families are wonderful and have nothing but the best intentions for these children in need. But unfortunately, some families take advantage of the system, taking the money the state provides to care for a foster child and using it for themselves or their biological children instead.

In the tear-jerking video below, a family of three sits down for lunch at the Sugar Bowl restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona — there’s mother Angela, her foster child Emma and her biological son Xavier. Within moments of their arrival, other customers can’t help but notice how poorly she treats Emma while treating Xavier like gold. She refuses to feed Emma the same delicious items Xavier is allowed. When Emma begs for a sundae, Angela unleashes a truly despicable explanation. “He’s my real son and you’re my foster kid,” she tells Emma. “I only get a certain amount of money from the government and I’m not spending it on you.” Angela, who claims her only job is to raise her kids, goes so far as to promise Xavier an iPad if they don’t let Emma get the things she wants. She even threatens to throw Emma back into foster care if she doesn’t comply with her nonsensical rules!

Things take an emotional turn when the family of three moves up to the counter. Luckily, this is all a carefully planned social experiment by What Would You Do? and Angela, Emma and Xavier are actors. But the customers are not actors, and they have no idea their reactions to the blatant abuse are being filmed by hidden cameras. Just wait until the end, when a man seated next to Emma overhears the interaction. You’ll want to keep your tissues close.

Source: YouTube

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