Man Leads Blind Elephant To Piano In Woods But Instant He Starts Playing Her Demeanor Suddenly Changes

When British pianist Paul Barton led the gentle old elephant into the forest to hear him play, he never could have anticipated the reaction the footage would receive.

The 62-year-old female elephant Lam Duan has been blind for a number of years, so Barton decided to try something different with the beloved animal, performing classical music for her on his piano while she basked in the sun.

What cameras captured next quickly went viral, as the blind elephant instantly became swept away in the moment. Swaying back and forth to a classical piece by Bach, Lam Duan reacts to the piano is subtle but obvious ways. As the chords begin to shift, so does her movement.

As breathtaking as the pianist is, watching the sweet animal take in his incredible music is just as hypnotizing.

Barton explained that the blind elephant hasn’t always been so calm. “I was heartbroken when I first saw Lam Duan arrive at Elephants World in 2012. She’s so restless.

When you play music to her, she stops being restless and is calm.” Clearly his music therapy is working, and when you see the beautiful footage you understand why. See the touching moment a man plays the piano for a blind elephant in the video below – this put a tear in my eye!

Source: YouTube

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