Man Films Herd Of Cows Suddenly Realizing 1 Is Desperate To Get His Attention For Help

Sometimes we find ourselves caught up helping someone when we least expect it. That was the case for Dave, who stopped at a green pasture to film cows cooling off by the water on a hot summer day.

All appeared normal until one of the cows approached him, seemingly trying to get his attention. Dave thought the cow may have been curious about him. only he quickly realized she was actually asking for help.

Dave was separated from the cows by an electric fence so he wasn’t invading their personal space. But one cow named Flo remained persistent, mooing at him every chance she could.

Dave wasn’t sure what was going on at first. But then, he realized something wasn’t right and decided to investigate.

Flo led him next to the fence and that’s when Dave realized the situation he’d found himself in. He couldn’t believe what had happened!

Underneath the fence was a newborn calf. Mom must have delivered the tiny calf earlier in the day, except she didn’t pick the best spot for the delivery because the calf had slid underneath a slope and ended up on the other side of the fence.

Flo knew the fence was electric and she was desperate to reach her baby – but couldn’t. That’s when Dave stepped in with a clever idea that kept both him and Flo safe while rescuing her baby.

He knew it was critical that the baby be with its mom after delivery so that it could nurse and they could bond. So he knew he had to help.

Using a stick, he propped part of the fence up so that he could push the calf back to mom’s side. But every time he touched the newborn calf, mom grew increasingly frustrated.

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