Family Is Watching Parade When Suddenly Mom Spots 2 Faces That Have Her Losing Control

Most families have their own traditions that they look forward to every year. For one particular family, theirs was attending the 4th of July Grasslake parade – and had been doing so for more than two decades! So when Independence Day rolled around the group gathered up chairs and supplies and headed out to watch the fun-filled event. But little did some of them know that not everything was going to go as planned…

The Grasslake parade always begins with the Color Guard, which is made up of different military branch members marching together. Dad placed his hand on his heart while mom hit record on her camera to film. Being that they had two sons in the military, she wanted to be able to send her boys the video since they couldn’t be there for the 4th of July celebration.

Then all of a sudden mom spots something in the parade she wasn’t expecting. Her mouth drops as she realizes what’s going on, exclaiming, “Oh my gosh!”

What mom had seen were two men in uniform walking her way – none other than her sons John and Tom! As it turns out, they had both been marching in the Color Guard representing the US Army and the US Navy, but neither mom or dad knew that they were even in town.

Their sister Shannon had been holding onto the secret so that they could pull off the ultimate surprise for their parents, who were immediately overwhelmed with emotion. It’s a heartfelt, tearful reunion you really have to see for yourself in the video below!

Source: YouTube

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