Dog Doesn’t Recognize Dad After Losing 50 Pounds Until Camera Captures Tear Jerking Moment He Sniffs

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend. But what happens when a man loses 50 pounds and shows up at the house for the first time in five weeks?

That situation is precisely what this sweet pup and master were forced to deal with when Shane Godfrey fell ill and had to go to the hospital.

After five longs weeks away from his beloved Rhodesian Ridgeback, Willie, Shane was unsure if his dog would resent the time he was away. But he had no idea that the dog would have a serious problem with his super skinny new look instead…

Shane’s rapid weight loss occurred when he was hospitalized following a serious bout of the flu. That infection quickly spread to his entire body — and soon he was battling sepsis, double pneumonia, encephalitis and kidney failure.

Doctors warned Shane and his family that, while they were doing everything they could to bring him back to full health, there was a good chance he wasn’t going to make it.

The entire time Shane was in the hospital fighting for his life, Willie was staying at his aunt’s house. While it wasn’t home and Willie clearly missed his owner, Shane’s sister did a great job looking after the pup.

Source: YouTube

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