Dad Has Talk With Baby About ‘No Crying’. In Seconds, Her Comeback Melts Everyone’s Heart

A sweet little one-month-old baby girl swaddled tightly apparently was having a rough time. She had endured a crying jag and Dad tried having a heart to heart with his darling daughter.

Mom recorded their adorable chat and thankfully shared it online for all of us to enjoy. Mom posted that their baby had been smiling at them since she was just one week old!

Most people would attribute that to gassiness, but this cutie pie cannot stop beaming her toothless grin at them. Until now…. She was so upset, so Dad’s trying to figure out where his blissfully happy baby girl disappeared to momentarily.

Their joyful little girl who is always smiling needs to stick around, Dad believes. So they’re going to have a heart-to-heart.

After her sobbing session, Dad confronted her. He peered into her precious little face and said, “We need to have a conversation now. You were sitting very quietly and all of a sudden, you started crying. I need to know why.”

The tiny girl stares intently at Dad before her clever response. What did she do? She gave him a cheeky grin right back as if to say hey, I’m cute and a I know it.

So Dad prods her further. “I’m curious. Go ahead and tell me why you were crying. I would like to know.” But this time, she flashes him that sweet little smile accompanied by a tongue thrust.

Dad keeps up with his inquisition, but baby girl begins to space off, staring at something over his shoulder. Then Dad gives his little pumpkin a pep talk.

“You’re an adult now. Almost four weeks out. There is no more crying.”

At this command, this little sugar pop does something so lovable that you have to watch the video to see it.

Mom cannot stop laughing! Dad tries wrapping up their conversation, only to be rewarded with more awesome responses.

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