Cop Confronts Man Begging For Scraps Unaware Staff Secretly Filming Startling Scene From Kitchen

Homeless people down on their luck often resort to rummaging through the trash and discarded items from restaurants and grocery stores just to find a morsel to eat and survive.

Employees at a South Carolina Hardee’s felt compelled to help one homeless man and had been feeding him for days.

He became brave enough to approach customers eating at the Hardee’s to ask if he could have their “scraps.” But apparently a disgruntled customer was offended and called the police on this hungry and homeless man.

Horry County Police Officer CJ Mullinax responded to the call. Panhandling is illegal in many states and some of the customers feared the homeless man’s behavior would be considered loitering under the law.


So when big, tough Officer Mullinax walked through the door, all eyes were on the homeless man who realized the cop was there for him. Officer Mullinax strode up to the man and what he said next floored everyone who was listening.

He asked the homeless man if he was hungry and the man denied it. When Officer Mullinax gently prodded him again about being hungry, the man admitted he was.

So instead of hauling him off to jail because of the incident, Officer Mullinax Whipped out his billfold and bought the homeless man two cheeseburgers.

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