Bride’s confused when band stops during first dance, then she sees they ‘have a better idea’

Against all odds, Samantha and Taylor still ended up getting their dream wedding.

The future bride was looking for all sorts of quick ways to get married on Google, and she accidentally came across a competition held by The Knot. The grand prize was an all-expenses-paid dream wedding, and people could nominate a couple to receive that whopping surprise.

“I thought, ‘Is this really happening right now?’ ” Samantha told. ‘This is what you need to do and we’re nominating you,’ her friends said to her. “I was brought to tears.”

It didn’t take long before the couple’s story spread and they ended up being one of the six final competitors.

“We delved into everyone’s stories and they were all so worthy.”

As fate would have it, Samantha and Taylor eventually won the grand prize – a dream wedding where everything would be taken care of perfectly.

“It’ll be a unique wedding story to tell our kids someday,” Samantha said. “It’s fitting for our whole situation. And we just want to get married. We’ve always said the most important wedding detail is each other, and everything else will fall into place.”

At their dream wedding, the two were stunned by yet another surprise.

The couple had a perfect first song choice in mind, the country hit “Love You Like That” by Canaan Smith.

“We chose a song that’s very catered towards us as a couple… not one of the traditional first dance songs,” Samantha told. “Just listening to the song makes us both smile and reminds us of each other and our love for one another,” Taylor added.

When it was finally time for the first dance, Samantha and Taylor were surprised to see that the band was behaving very strangely. They went ahead and performed the first few bits of the song, but then suddenly stopped. “We have a better idea,” they announced.

When Samantha turned her back, she saw none other than the country star Canaan Smith, who hopped on an airplane with his wife to crash the wedding and share this beautiful moment with the newlyweds.

As you can see in the video below, Samantha’s reaction is absolutely priceless.

Despite all of the earlier struggles and difficulties, Samantha and Taylor experienced the most beautiful day of their lives. A dream wedding indeed!

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Source: PeopleThe Knot

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