Baby Notices Family Praying, But As They Close Their Eyes Camera Catches His Every Move

With Christmas lights twinkling brightly in the background, a family prepares to enjoy a delicious meal together. This family happens to engage in a mealtime ceremony that brings peace and love to the moment.

They clasp hands and stand around the table, then they pray. You can hear one person leading the prayer for the family as they bow their heads, close their eyes and praise the Lord for their lives, for love and for the dinner prepared before them.

Everyone participates in this prayer time, including the cutie pie 18-month-old seated in his high chair. Mom stands beside him and bends down to peck his cheek, giving him a loving kiss before they begin to pray.

The little guy holds hands with the adults beside him and takes notice of what everyone else is doing. At first, his little tongue wiggles out, probably in response to the yummy food sitting in front of him.

But as he glances around everyone standing in a circle, he stares curiously at them. As the family began to pray, they had no idea what the youngest member of the family was up to.

The toddler discovers that everyone has their eyes closed while he is staring at them, so he tries really hard to mimic the adults standing around him. He squints up at them, attempting to completely close his eyes like the others are, but he just cannot seem to shut them all the way.

He does not want to miss out on anything going on around him and he can’t do it! He won’t!

As the loving prayer comes to a close, everyone all together says amen. The adults clap and cheer when they are done and elicit adorably toothy smiles from the toddler.

Pay close attention to the 50-second mark in the video below when everyone encourages this little sweetie to participate in prayer time. His response is absolutely precious!

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