70-Year-Old Woman Thinks She’s Alone In Parking Lot Has No Idea She’s Being Secretly Filmed

While many of us try to do the right thing while out and about, not all of us think the same way! One small thing that can make a difference is returning shopping carts to their designated spot after we unload our items.

While it’s undoubtedly easier to dump the cart alongside your cart and skirt out of the parking lot without thinking twice, returning the large hunk of metal can make the life of the employee tasked with collecting them that much easier. It may not seem like a big deal, but it’s something 70-year-old Sue Johnson does every single time she shops. Now footage of her doing so in the middle of a massive rainstorm is going totally viral for all of the right reasons.

It all began when Kachina Rigdon finished up shopping and jumped in her car to avoid the torrential downpour. As she shook off the rain and tried to dry herself, Kachina looked up to see Sue walking her cart back to the receptacle – despite the horrendous weather. Kachina told Inside Edition she couldn’t believe her eyes, “It was pretty remarkable because a lot of people don’t do it even when there is not a monsoon going on. It is just really nice to see people doing the right thing.”

Kachina managed to capture Sue’s sweet actions on camera and shared them online as soon as she got home. Within a few hours, it went viral! Sue said she was shocked by the attention she received from such a seemingly insignificant moment. She went on to say the weather wasn’t even a consideration when returning her shopping cart, “You can only get so wet. Once you are wet, you are wet all the way through.” We can all take a lesson from Sue and try to do the right thing – even when it puts us in an uncomfortable (or sopping wet) spot!

Source: YouTube

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