21+ Pictures Prove Kittens Are The Most Adorable Creatures In The World

Cats are adorable; there’s no denying it. Their pointy little ears, their little bean-like toes, and their adorable little faces. That’s right, there’s nothing cuter than a cat. Well— except a kitten, that is. As a general rule, the babies of any species are always the cutest, and when it comes to felines, kittens are no exception! Kittens are the tiniest, cutest, balls of fluff on the planet, and I’m willing to fight anyone who disagrees. Actually, I’m not much of a fighter. But what I did do is put together these adorable photos that just go to prove my point: kittens are literally the cutest animal in the whole wide world.

“Here we see a baby wigglefloof cleaning its tiny squishbeans”

Gimo, The Cat With The Biggest Eyes Ever

Her Colors Are Amazing

Tiny Heart On Her Nose

“I can’t handle how adorable she is!”

Kitty With Beautiful Eyes

Completely Purrrrfect

“Commence butt wiggle!”

Adorable Little “Devil” Kitten

The Cutest Little Fluff

“Car Ride?”

Double The Trouble, Double The Cutes

“Sweet Dreams”

So comfy and cozy with my hooomans

Ready To Play?

Little Purrito

Adorable Kitten That Always Looks Worried

Ball Of Kitten

Cutest Yoga Baby Ever

Cuddling With His Best Fwend

“Hello! My Name Is Cute!”

World’s Most Adorable Vampurr

Fluffy Daisy And Her Bubbles

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