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  • You Can Eat These 15 Foods As Much As You Want and Still Not Gain Weight

    We all dream about delicious foods that won’t cause weight gain, and luckily, they really do exist!

    These foods are high in fiber and low in calories, so they keep you full longer, and do not lead to weight gain.

    Always remember to follow a balanced diet, rich in various foods, but also include the following 15 ones you can eat as long as you want, and still not gain any extra pounds:


    Celery stems are 95 percent water, so they have potent diuretic properties which detoxify the body and stimulate a healthy weight loss.


    Cucumbers are 96 percent water, so they are also excellent to help you lose extra pounds naturally, as they fight swellings and help weight loss.

    Cabbage, Broccoli, and Cauliflower

    An average portion of diced cabbage is only 7 kcal, and all these vegetables help weight loss, so you should consume them a few times weekly.


    Eggs can be eaten during the entire day without the risk of gaining weight. Your best option is to consume them boiled.


    Plain popcorn, unsweetened and without butter, is very low in calories since a cup of it contains only 31 kcal.


    An average beetroot portion contains only 40 kcal, but it is rich in many nutrients, like manganese. Beetroots help fat burning, regulate blood sugar, and drive the muscles.

    Oranges, Grapefruits, and Tangerines

    Citrus fruits are high in fiber, vitamin C, and flavonoids, so they effectively improve digestion, keep you full, and boost the liver health, too.


    You can enjoy this vegetable without limitations, as a portion of it, either baked or grilled, without oil, contains only 24 kcal.


    Algae, like Laminaria, are high in iodine which maintains proper thyroid function, regulate hormones, and prevent weight loss.

    Melon and Watermelon

    These fruits eliminate excess liquids from the body, keep you full, and a slice contains only 60-70kcal.


    An average portion of zucchini contains 42 kcal.  Moreover, this vegetable regulates the salt-water ratio, helps the function of the intestines, and lowers energy output of heavy meals.


    Salad is high in folic acid, and a leaf of lettuce contains only 3 kcal, so you can enjoy it as much as you like.

    Apples and Plums

    Apples help digestion and provide a feeling of fullness, while plums are rich in vitamin C and potassium, which promote heart health and support the health of the blood vessels. Moreover, an apple contains about 50 kcal, while a 100g serving of plums only 45 kcal.

    Berries: Currant, Cranberry, Strawberry

    Currants and cranberries are packed with vitamin C, strawberries are full of nutrients, help digestion, and keep the heart healthy, and currants also have powerful diuretic properties.


    Pineapples are high in bromelain, which metabolizes proteins effectively and splits fats, so it is of great help in the fight against excess pounds.

  • Brad Pitt’s Powerful Marriage Advice Will Melt Your Heart

    The divorce that followed after 11 years of marriage has inspired Brad Pitt to write this piece of advice.

    “Obviously, I’m not a relationship expert. I would have done differently… After losing a woman that I loved, and a marriage of almost 11 years, here’s the advice I wish I would have had:

    Never stop courting

    You must NEVER take your partner for granted. By proposing marriage, you made a promise that you will always protect her heart. And since she chose you it means she trusted you that you will never get lazy in your love.

    Protect your own heart

    Since you have committed to protect hear heart you should also protect your own just as carefully. If you love yourself, you will be able to love your partner too. And you must never let someone else in your heart to take the place of your wife.

    Fall in love over and over again

    People constantly change and you can’t expect to be the same after 5 or 10 years. This also applies to both partner in a marriage. Everyday situations make us change whether we like it or not. This means you will constantly need to re-choose yourselves. She does not have to stay with you and if you are not willing to take care of her heart she might find someone else that is willing to.

    Always see the best in her

    Be focused on the things you love and those things will grow. If you focus on the annoying little things you will never be truly happy. Try hard to focus until the only thing you see is love and never doubt that you are the happiest man with your wife.

    It’s not your job to fix or change her

    You should love her just the way she is and never try to make her a different person. If she changes you should love that version of herself and accept her completely.

    Take full accountability

    This applies for your emotions because your wife is not responsible for your happiness, you are. If you are not able to find your own happiness she will never do it for you no matter how hard she tries.

    Never blame her if you…

    Getting angry or frustrated at her means she is triggering something that you already have inside. Your emotions are your own responsibility and if she uncovers them it does not mean she is the reason for their appearance. Take a look inside and acknowledge the things you should heal.

    Allow her to just be

    Sometimes when she is sad or upset and you can’t help her change that, the least you can do is hold her and listen to her if she wants to open up. Even though you might not be able to improve the situation, tell her that she can always talk to you and share her pain. Don’t run away from her when she is upset, stay near and comfort her by listening.

    Be silly

    Laugh and make her laugh. This way you can survive even the toughest situations.

    Fill her soul everyday

    Find out how you can make her feel validated, cherished and important. Try to discover at least 10 things that you can do to make her feel happy and never forget them.

    Be present

    Giving her your time is not enough, make sure she gets your soul, attention and focus too. Forget about everything else when you are with her and focus on her entirely.

    Be willing to take her $exually

    This does not mean you shouldn’t respect her desires and wishes and try to force yourself on her. Being $exually intimate also involves creating a deep bond with her soul to. Show her that she can trust you fully and let her melt into her feminine softness.

    Don’t be an idiot

    You shouldn’t be afraid to be an idiot either. You are both going to make mistakes but try not to do them too often and learn from past experiences. Nobody is perfect but that does not mean you should be stupid.

    Give her space

    Women are often very good at giving all the time so they need to be reminded to take care of themselves too. She might feel the need to do something for her soul, so give her the space and time she requires to recharge.

    Be vulnerable

    If you are a man it does not mean you don’t have a soft and emotional side. Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerability to her and share your feelings.

    Be fully transparent

    If you want her to trust you it means you should share everything with her, including the things you don’t want to. Open up entirely in front of her and she will know that you truly love her and respect her. Even if you have a mask to use in front of everyone else, you must never wear it in front of her.

    Never stop growing together

    Stagnant pond breeds malaria and the flowing stream is cool and fresh always. If you stop working a muscle it will atrophy, and the same applies to a relationship. It requires working too, and you should find common dreams and goals that you can work towards together.

    Don’t worry about money

    Money is never important when you are fighting. Even though you need it, you should not neglect other aspects of your relationship and only care for money.

    Forgive immediately

    Don’t wear the weight from the past, focus on the future instead. History can keep you hostage and it will hold back your marriage like an anchor. Forgiveness provides freedom so cut the anchor loose and enjoy life.

    Always choose love

    This is the most important piece of advice. If you choose love, there is nothing that can affect your happiness and marriage. Marriage does not mean happily ever after; it requires work all the way. Being committed to grow together will help you last long.

    These are very important lessons that I learned too late and the hard way. But now I know what I should be committed to and if I get married again I will create a stronger foundation for my future. Try to learn from my pain and avoid going through the things I have experienced.

  • Woman Who Fell For Homeless Man “Living In A Bush” Shares Their Unusual Love Story.

    Most couples can recall the exact date or location where they met each other. Emmy Abrahamson knows the exact minute.

    Emmy was visiting Amsterdam from Vienna in 2006, seated on a park bench while waiting for a friend. At 6:50 p.m., a dirty, grungy man approached, sat down beside her and asked for the time. A silly question, she thought, since they were sitting directly in front of a large clock.

    First impressions are important, but in this case, Emmy looked past this visibly homeless man’s pungent odor, dirty fingernails, and hair. Her friend was running late, so Emmy passed the time talking with this strange man with “the most beautiful brown eyes I’d ever seen,” and sensed there was something more than met the eye.

    When her friend arrived about 10 minutes later, Emmy got up and started to leave. But his next words stopped her, and she remembers them precisely:

    His exact words were, ‘Saturday, three o’clock, the same bench,’ and he just walked off … It just didn’t make sense that somebody visibly homeless could be so confident, because I was single and I dated loads of guys, and they were always like, ‘Yeah, maybe I’ll call you, maybe I won’t,’ and there’s this homeless guy just telling me to be back on this bench.

    The man’s name was Vic Kocula, an American who’d been left homeless after running out of money while traveling around Europe and was living, as Emmy put it, “in a bush.”  For whatever reason, Emmy couldn’t stop thinking about Vic during the course of the following week. So she decided to meet him at the appointed place and time.

    They spent the day together and the sparks continued to fly, but of course, Emmy had to return to Vienna. So before they parted ways, she gave him her phone number in case he wanted to stay in touch.

    Which, it turned out, he was determined to do. So determined, in fact, that he scrounged up enough money to buy a train ticket. Three weeks later, he traveled to Vienna – and the rest, as they say, is history.

    The couple has been together for the last 11 years, and are now parents to 6-year-old twins, Desta and Til.

    Vic’s gone on to obtain a degree in mechanical engineering, and Emmy recently released a book based on their love story: How to Fall In Love With A Man Who Lives In A Bush.

    “It’s a real feel-good book, and I just noticed how happy our story made people, so I hope this book will also make people feel really good and happy,” Emmy said.

    Watch the video below to hear more details about this incredible “How We Met” story, and share if you agree you can never judge a book by its cover!

  • Big Brother Comforts Sick Baby Sister & The Moment Will Melt Your Heart.

    It’s not always easy being an older sibling, especially when your brother or sister is different. As the big brother and big sister you will be called on at times to help with caretaking duties, stand up to people who make cruel remarks, and any other duties that come with being older. It just comes with the territory, and some are better at taking on those new responsibilities than others.

    Like John. It was clear from the very beginning that he takes his big brother duties seriously, and he’ll always have his little sister Clara’s back.

    One-year-old Clara was born with dwarfism, but that hasn’t stopped her from enjoying all that life has to offer.

    As her mom, Danielle Davis, wrote on Instagram on World Dwarfish Awareness Day back in October, people should never “underestimate someone who is a little different from you.” Just look at her sweet face!

    Clara will do big things in her life, just like you or me, she will just find her own way of doing them!

    But one day, Clara came down with the flu and had to be hospitalized. As her family waited around for the test results to come back, the baby girl just couldn’t seem to fall asleep.

    That’s when Danielle peeked into the room where her son and daughter were waiting and witnessed the most tender-hearted and endearing scene, she immediately whipped out her camera and started filming.

    The video’s only nine seconds long, but it speaks volumes about the love young John feels for his sickly sister. Seated on the floor, he cradles Clara in his lap and gently rocks her back and forth as she quietly sucks on her thumb.

    Danielle posted the heart-warming clip on Instagram in early January, and it’s been viewed millions of times since, drawing numerous comments praising her skills in raising such a sweet and empathetic son:

    Watch the clip below to see this sweet brother-sister moment, and remember to share to spread more sibling love.

  • Dog Takes Four Bullets To Save Boy From Burglers

    There is a reason a dog is called a man’s best friend. A dog is loyal, loving, and brave. He will do whatever it takes to protect his master, even if the cost is his own health. Meet one pet who is the perfect example of these heroic attributes.

    Rex is a two-year-old German shepherd who lives with his family in Des Moines, Washington. He was home alone with his 16-year-old owner, Javier Mercado, when something unexpected happened. It was up to Rex to step up and be a hero.

    The two were home alone when some burglars broke into the apartment. Javier’s first instinct was to get out of sight. “My nephew hid in the bedroom closet as he frightened, held as hard as he could to his barking dog,” shared Susy Cadena, Javier’s aunt, on the GoFundMe page she created for the pup.

    Javier tried to keep Rex quiet, but the animal knew what had to be done. ” Rex’s instinct to protect his home and his best friend, took him downstairs and he attacked the burglars,” Susy explained. The sight and sound of a snarling dog would be enough to scare most robbers off, but unfortunately, it didn’t work in this case.

    “Both of the burglars struggled and beat him up with whatever they could,” Susy shared. “Rex stormed back to the upstairs floor all beat up and bloody from the beating to check on his master who was still hiding in the closet.”

    The two tried to keep out of sight, but soon the burglars made their way upstairs and trashed the bedrooms. Then they came into the room Javier and Rex were hiding in. This dog may have lost the first fight, but he was not about to let these intruders harm his owner.

    The dog came back to life, and he went into full attack mode. The robbers shot Rex with four bullets before being scared away by the sound of a siren. Finally, the crime was over. But now the poor pup had a bigger problem.

    Rex was in desperate need of medical attention. He was taken to BluePearl Veterinary Partners, where he needed scans, x-rays, and other treatments. The dog would need surgery if he was going to survive.

    Susy reached out for help through her GoFundMe page. “Rex’s life depends on a surgery he will need to survive … [Our] family can not let Rex the hero dog go without us fighting as hard as he did, to his very last bit of a strength while protecting my nephew.”

    In just three days, the family raised over $58,000. This was almost six times their original goal of $10,000. The Mercado family could not be more grateful for all the help. “We have exceeded the goal and we just wanted to assure you that all the money will go toward Rex’s medical expenses and his recovery,” Susy assured their contributors. “Anything left will be donated to institutions and organizations whose mission is to protect our loved pets.”

    This whole ordeal has taught Javier a valuable lesson about how deep a dog’s love runs. “I feel like if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be here today telling you this story,” he told King 5 News.

    Rex is one brave dog, and we hope for his speedy recovery.

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  • Runners Rescue Puppies Abandoned In The Woods.

    Runners who train and race along the lush gorges and rises in the hills of northeast Tennessee are used to seeing and hearing all manner of sounds – babbling brooks, waterfalls, and critters tromping through the underbrush in search of something to eat. But something about this rustling sound was different.

    Earlier this month, marathoners Ashley Blake and Joshua Scott were training for the Barkley Fall Classic with a run through Frozen Head State Park. It was Joshua’s birthday and they planned on a 14-mile run, but partway through, they heard a sound just off the trail. It was odd, out of place, so they stopped to investigate.

    They were shocked to discover five black lab puppies huddled together for warmth in the near-freezing temperatures. As they later discovered, the area – located close to road – is a common “dumping ground” for unwanted puppies, and this adorable litter would almost certainly have frozen to death if Ashley and Joshua hadn’t come along when they did.

    Ashley recalled a heartbreaking scene as they approached:

    When we picked some of them up, two ran off, terrified, and they were crying and we had to round them up. They recoiled as if they were going to be hurt. They might have been abused at one point, but once we held them they calmed down.

    After rounding them up, they called the ranger’s station and met the rangers at a nearby road.

    It was getting late and there were no shelters close by, so one of the rangers agreed to take them home with him. He planned to take them to the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter, but Ashley and Joshua couldn’t get them off their minds and called the next morning to find out how they were doing.

    Fortunately, the ranger hadn’t set out for the shelter yet, so the duo stopped by his house. Winky, Willow, Winnie and Wendy did go to the shelter and they’re now up for adoption. But as a birthday present to himself, Joshua decided to keep the fifth puppy – who he aptly named Barkley.

    “Little Barkley made his first vet visit, got his vaccines, and is adjusting well,” Ashley was happy to report.

    It’s unfortunate that these and other puppies are abandoned so callously, but thank goodness there are people out there like Ashley and Joshua, who saw an opportunity to help and ran with it.

    Share to spread thanks to this dynamic duo and happiness that these adorable puppies were discovered in the nick of time!


  • Cop Pulls Over Mom For Speeding, She Realizes Too Late His Note On The Ticket

    As a busy mother, Ayla Hemeon is used to having a million things running through her mind at any given moment. The busy South Carolinian had a full day ahead of her, but the most important thing was to drop off a pumpkin her family carved to her parents for Halloween. Unfortunately, life got in the way and she wasn’t able to make the drop-off.

    So, after handling the unforeseen problems, Ayla ran over to her parents’ house to drop off the pumpkin. With the jack-o-lantern in the car, and her daughter Tara strapped in safely, they sped off! Tara had a ton of homework to do, so they needed to make this trip a fast one…

    As Ayla went through everything else she needed to handle that day, her foot pressed on the gas pedal harder than she intended. She had no idea she was speeding – and before she knew it, red and blue lights were flashing behind her.

    She pulled over and got her license and registration ready. However, nothing could have prepared her for what was about to take place. There was no doubt in her mind that her busy day was about to get even more hectic.

    As she expected, the officer asked Ayla why she was speeding. Without a good excuse, Ayla informed the officer that she was dropping off a pumpkin at her parents’ house and racing back home for her daughter to finish her homework. As the words poured out of her mouth, Ayla accepted the fact that she was about to receive a ticket.

    Without saying much, the officer walked back to his patrol car and began writing up her ticket. When he returned with the foreboding slip of paper, Alya noticed it was a just a warning. A wave of relief washed over her! This was the break she desperately needed on such a crazy day!

    After thanking the officer for his leniency, Ayla got back on the road and headed to her parents.

    But when Ayla handed the ticket to Tara to read back to her, her spirits lifted even more. The officer didn’t just give her a break but had also written her a special message.

    Ayla shared what the officer wrote on Facebook:

    “Thanks for all that you do. You could have spent Sunday alone, but you’re spending it helping your parents and daughter. Have a good day.”

    It’s incredible how such a small gesture of kindness can have a big positive effect on someone’s day, just like it did for Ayla.

  • She Belts Out Celine Dion Classic, But It’s Unique Twist Halfway Thru That Leaves Judges In Awe

    When 29-year-old Sydney native Sabrina Batshon graced the stage in her flowing black dress on the televised talent competition The Voice Australia, she was prepared to blow away the judges.

    Sabrina opted to sing the amazing Celine Dion’s stunning ballad “Power of Love.” Looking elegant in her gown, it took just one sentence before the first judge declares “Wow!” Another judge begins nodding in agreement that she is a spectacular singer with a soulful, deep voice.

    It isn’t long before a third judge also says “Wow” and hits his buzzer, spinning his chair around to come face to face with this incredible singer.

    At this point, Sabrina is completely lost in her performance, powering through this song and making it her own. It’s such a spectacular performance that the video below has already been viewed more than 4.8 million times! Just a couple of verses after the first judge spins around, two more judges hit their buzzers and spin around, too.

    Not only is this song a beautiful ballad, but the words have deep meaning to them, too. Celine released this song in 1993 and it shot to the top of the music charts, receiving nominations for numerous awards – even taking home a Grammy for best female pop vocal performance by Celine.

    Sabrina has big shoes to fill performing this song. But as she’s singing, the judges are actually shouting back at her, declaring how impressed they are.

    One judge stands up toward the end of her performance and cheers along with the audience that also is now standing on their feet, waving their arms back and forth. She puts her own spin on this song and her success shows.

    When she hits that final “love,” she holds that note so long that it’s astounding! She received a standing ovation from a couple of the judges and the audience. They cannot stop heaping praise upon her when she’s done. Hear how amazing Sabrina’s voice is and just what the judges have to say in the video below.

    Source: YouTube
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